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The ability to effectively communicate, whether it is oral, written, verbal, or non-verbal, is hands down the most important skill in times of economic uncertainty.  Les Brown says: “Few individuals realize the ability to communicate effectively gives POWER to all the other skills you possess.”

  • Your business plan may be well strategized.  Write it poorly and no one will invest in you.
  • You may have the idea that could save your company millions, yet fail to persuade your upper management, and your idea will fade and die.
  • You may have the talent and abilities for the position for which you are applying, yet if you can’t communicate with the recruiter, you won’t be hired. 
  • You may have aspirations to grow within your company, yet if you don’t show up for the business meeting with skills to communicate with the team, you may sound like someone on his/her way out – rather than on his/her way up! 
  • You may have the perfect product or service for your customer, yet a failure to communicate or a breakdown in communication can lead to something major, like a lost contract; or something seemingly minor, like showing up late for an appointment. 
  • You may be a manager, an HR professional, an executive or a business owner, yet how prepared are you to convey tough news to individuals who may be upset, mistrustful or difficult?  How prepared are you to communicate a sense of confidence and control to your employees that may be dealing with worry and concern?

The single most important asset that ANY leader brings to the table is his or her ability to communicate well – especially during times of great change

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself things like:

  • Is my job/career secure?
  • Are my skills up to par?
  • If my position were eliminated what would my next move be?
  • Is there anything that I can do right now to better position and protect myself?

Your communication skills match your ability to succeed.  That’s certainly true if your profession is speaking, if you’re a coach or a teacher, yet it’s also true if you’re in finance, sales, marketing, law, healthcare, or any other field.
The skills involved in getting your point across are not vastly different than those of a keynote speaker.  Like public speaking, the art of effective communication is very much a learnable skill.  Les Brown wants to help YOU learn these valuable skills.


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